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8:15 am Session Three – Grand Hall 

Call to Order – Bishop Watson 


Morning Devotion 


Pension and Health Benefits 

 El Salvador - Bridges to Mission  

 Consent Agenda – to present 

 Standing Rules – to present 

 Conference Com. on Nominations – to present 

 Philippines - Bridges to Mission 

 Recognition of Retirees 

 Passing the Mantle Liturgy



12:15 pm Adjournment 

1:45 pm Pre-service music 

2:00 pm Session Four – Grand Hall 

Service of Remembrance 

Preacher: Jamie Jenkins, Director, Office of New Church Development 

 Annual Conference Offering: Bridges to Mission 

 Call to Order – Bishop Watson 


Musical welcome: Portugal 

 Portugal - Bridges to Mission 

Musical response 

Committee on Episcopacy 

Musical welcome: Russia 

 Russia - Bridges to Mission 

Musical response 

 Declaratory Judgment Task Force 


 Wesley Woods