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“The difference between a faithful youth worker and an effective leader is solid training.  YMI took one of our most faithful and enthusiastic volunteers and gave him the grounding and tools needed to become a powerfully effective leader.  Now, he not only has a viable plan for disciple-making but also a network of other youth workers to support him as he lives out the vision.”

 - Carolyn Moore
 Mosaic United Methodist Church

"Our volunteer youth minister brings a passion for developing caring community and asking the hard questions that lead to a more thoughtful, committed faith.  Because he is a volunteer, we were looking for something that would give him some training to go with his passion and good instincts.  YMI provided a sustained training that gave him the basic tools and direction for seeking further resources.  In addition, he connected with others doing what he does who have provided good conversation, friendship and collegial support.
"I would recommend YMI for smaller membership churchese where volunteers coordinate youth and children's ministry as a way to offer excellent training for lay ministers.  All in all an excellent program and very economical when you consider all that was included."

~Rev. Karen M. Kagiyama
St. Andrew United Methodist Church

"YMI helped me tremendously in my ministry.  It helped me realize there are other youth workers out there also struggling with all the different hats we have to wear.  The new skills I learned and the time away from my regular routine inspired and revived my ministry!"

~Beth D.

"YMI was an answer to a prayer I hadn't even prayed yet!"

~Kay S. 

"YMI makes youth ministry a more understandable place.  Every session brought a new piece of info you have been looking for."

~Paula L.

"I really enjoyed the energetic, friendly staff!"

"FUN! I learned so much.  YMI was a definite growth experience for me!"

"Very helpful!"

"I found it very informative and a lot of fun."

"I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this program to others!"

"This [YMI] is the first leadership retreat I've been on that didn't seem like a waste of time!"