The PrayerForce at Work Around the Conference

Mansfield United Methodist Church

3031 Main St
Mansfield, GA 30055

 The PrayerForce was asked by ADOX District Superintendent Sharma Lewis ( Now Bishop Lewis)  to work with Mansfield UMC in the summer of 2010.  Mansfield was a declining church, with less than a dozen remaining members and no financial resources to sustain it. The members were near the point of giving up and forced with the thought of having to close its doors.   Meeting with PrayerForce Director Leah Cunningham were three members interested in reviving and restoring the church.  A plan was made to meet for three consecutive Thursdays to pray and discern God's plan for Mansfield.   Before the first scheduled time of prayer, God directed a woman of faith to go back to Mansfield UMC and join the church for His glorious purpose. Fresh life was sent as a sign of hope and in response to the prayers of the faithful few.                            

The first prayer time together we had 5 in attendance. We focused on the church building itself.   Each one who came was anointed and walked throughout the church into dusty, cluttered, outdated rooms that had not been used for years.  God opened eyes as we opened doors (literally) that had been locked for years.  God began to speak,  giving Mansfield hope for the future of the church.  Words like "prepare" and "welcome everyone who comes" were heard and shared in this meeting time.

The second meeting of prayer and discernment focused on the lost in the community.   A teaching on "the lost" parables was given to open our eyes to see how people get lost, and how we are to pray for them and find them and receive them when God sends them to the Church.  

The third week was a time of worship, music and celebration.  Joined by friends of the PrayerForce, we sang hymns and praises to God and with District Superintendent Sharma Lewis, joined hands to receive Holy Communion and pray as the body of Christ. 

In January 2011,  the PrayerForce received word that  Mansfield  had 25 people worshipping.  A lay pastor is bringing the Word and a 12 week Bible Study has just been completed. A teen girls Bible Study has begun. 

In 2012 a Supply Pastor, Todd Hilton was appointed to serve Mansfield. The attendance was up to average 40 each week. 

In January 2014 Mansfield UMC had 4 lay members graduate from the ADOX  Lay Servant Ministry Basic and Advanced classes.

Mansfield UMC and Newborn UMC have merged under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Todd Hilton. The churches are active in the community, providing free meals and building beds for those in need and they have a monthly food pantry for the residents of SE Newton County.  To God be the Glory! 

May 2014 -  Supply Pastor Todd Hilton received his License for Pastoral Ministry.   Local Pastor, Rev. Hilton greets average of 66 at worship each week.  There are 3 active small groups with 15 participants in small groups.  2013 apportionments were paid in full. 


Homecoming, June 1, 2014.   100 gathered to worship and celebrate together.


  The Holy Spirit is alive and well at Mansfield United Methodist Church!  Praise God who is at work and is blessing the faithful. All they did was pray and trust God . 



 2019 Events/Workshops

  We encourage all North GA United Methodists to spend some time in the PrayerRoom at the North GA Annual Conference in Athens, GA June 11- 14.   We will have some information available on the PrayerForce ministry in the PrayerRoom which will be located in the Foundry. 

May God's will, and not our own agendas be done
this year at Annual Conference.  Our mission has been to be Methodists United in Prayer. What a good time to be that which we have claimed to be. 


       Revival - Prayer Emphasis Night  
           Sunday, August 10- 7 PM 
         Pleasant Valley UMC, ATHNS  District 


Prayer Vigil Kickoff
Friday Sept 13, 7 PM
Bascomb UMC - AMAR District



Contact Leah at
 or phone 770 - 634- 9459 if you want to schedule a workshop or speaking event on prayer .
There is no charge for the services of the PrayerForce for churches in the North GA Conference.  Love Offerings are accepted, but not required.