The Retreat Cancellation Policy

Event Policies, Terms, and Conditions
1. If you have registered for the Retreat and decide not to or cannot attend for any reason, it does not relieve you from the financial responsibility.
2. Once you have registered for the Retreat, if at any time you decide to cancel and request a refund, your cancellation must be received in writing via email to registrar. The $50 per person is non-refundable.
3. Three weeks before your Retreat weekend, all participant information must be filled out and returned to registrar. That includes individual names, grades, and t-shirt sizes. If the gender field needs to be changed for any participant, the change must be received in writing via email to the registrar. No changes of gender will be accepted within 2 weeks of your weekend, and only changes may be made if there is room available.
4. Full payment is due 14 days prior to your weekend. Failure to pay this in full by that date will jeopardize your group’s registration. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF YOUR RETREAT WEEKEND. $50 of you registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
5. We reserve the right to, at any time, and without consent or notice to you change dates of the event, cancel the event or any part thereof, modify the event or schedule of events for the venue, move the venue, adjust the number of speakers, entertainment, or meals provided. In the event any of the aforementioned takes place and you wish to cancel please see #2.