Top 20 FAQs relating to the AC2011

North Georgia lay and clergy annual conference session members will gather together to engage in worship and Christian conversation during the 145th Session of the North Georgia Conference. Receive more information about the top 20 FAQs relating to AC2011:

How can I watch the annual conference session via live internet streaming?

How do I register my attendance for AC2011?

How do I make a reservation to donate blood for the Red Cross?

How can I download a copy of the 2011 North Georgia Annual Conference Session agenda?

How can I download a copy of the 2011 Conference Handbook?

How do I register for an AC2011 meal?

How can I find a schedule of meals and other gatherings held during the Annual Conference Session?

How can I find out where these meals and gatherings are located in the Athens Classic Center?

How do I find out more about the hotel availability during AC2011?

How do I receive more information on Child Care and Day Camp Opportunities during AC2011?

How do I learn more about the lay candidates for 2012 General and Jurisdictional Conferences?

How can I learn more about the voting and balloting process for lay and clergy at AC2011? 

How can I find out each individual clergy persons candidate number for voting purposes?
How do I learn more about the 2011 Annual Conference Session Mission Offering?

How do I receive the AC2011 Daily News email?

How do I learn more about the AC2011 theme and focus?

How do I set up display table reservations?

How do I get more information on the city of Athens?

How do I get more information on the Athens Classic Center?

How do I learn more on how to create a good presentation for AC2011?