Top Disaster Risks

The potential for the types of disaster varies depending on the location of the conference - ocean front, faults, climate, etc.  Some disasters will impact one church congregation, others impact many congregations.  Click on the topic for more information.  Some have not been posted yet but will be in the coming weeks.  

Considerations for Rating Disasters:

  1. What hazards threaten your community?

  2. Consider each disaster potential or risk

    • Predictability or occurrence frequency
    • General characteristics
    • What makes people & communities vulnerable to the incident
    • Typical effects

Top Risk for North Georgia:

   1. Fire-Structural

   2. Drought-lack of water, loss of crops, wildfires, industrial closings

   3. Winter Storms-Ice, loss of power- heat and cooking

   4. Thunderstorms-Fire, Injuries, Hail, Winds

   5. Tornado-High winds

   6. Wildfires 

   7.Hazardous Materials-truck or train accident, Industrial accident

   8. Theft-Robbery 

   9. Flood-Rain, flash floods, rising streams and rivers

 10. Tropical Storm-Wind-driven rain

 11. Diseases, Epidemic, Pandemics-TB, Smallpox, Polio, Avian Flu, MRSA

 12. Dam Failure-wall of water

 13. Earthquake-building and structure failures, injuries

 14. Radiological Incident-truck or train accident, nuclear plant (Savannah), evacuation 

 15. Hurricanes- Wind-driven rain, high winds, tornados 

 16. Terrorism-loss of key structures, mass casualties

 17. Extreme Heat-high risk population impacted

 18. Gas Leak-explosion potential, injuries