Tornado Survivor Assistance Request

In addition to Early Response with chainsaw and debris removal volunteer teams we also have long term recovery ministries of volunteers and funding to assist with rebuilding after disasters

HOMEOWNERS affected by the January or March 2023 tornadoes in middle Georgia, needing assistance in addition to insurance and FEMA, may apply to North Georgia Conference United Methodist Disaster Recovery.

 Working alongside county long term recovery, and local partners, we’ll focus ministry in a few counties with the most damage including Harris, Troup, Spalding, and Butts. We'll also consider homeowners in Meriwether, Pike, Henry, & Jasper counties if we have sufficient funds and volunteers. 

HOMEOWNERS may fill out the form below to request assistance. Then scroll down further for what to do while you wait to be contacted. Please be patient as we work through requests. Outreach screeners and case managers will be in contact if you meet our criteria. Our program does not have enough funds to assist renters at this time, & you should check with your local social service providers. 

While You Wait:

You can work on gathering the verification documents your case manager will need before they can assist you.
Here’s what you can do:

• Download the checklist:

• Determine which of the items on the list apply to your recovery. For Example: if you did not have auto insurance, you will not have to supply any paperwork regarding auto insurance.

• Begin gathering the documents and converting them to a digital copy. If you do not have access to a scanner, click here for a quick tutorial for scanning on your smartphone.

•Be careful to label each document with your name and what kind of document it is. For example: Smith Insurance Statement Dec 2022

• E-mail the scanned documents to yourself and save until requested by your case manager.

If you cannot scan your documents, please gather paper copies and hold them for your case manager. Having all your documents organized will be a big help for your case manger in assisting you quickly!

We know waiting can be hard. Please know we are helping survivors as quickly as possible. Gathering these documents will be a great way to make use of your waiting time and help you recover faster.