UMW Prayer for General Conference

Prayer for United Methodist Women in Advance of General Conference 2016

O most amazing Creator,
You created a world in which a star burns so much of its self,
               that there is life on Earth, millions of miles away.

You created a world in which tiny, complex creatures
               Thrive in a frond of seaweed in the vast ocean.
You created a world that constantly honors and promotes life.

O most gracious Creator,
We thank you for life on Earth with you, with all
               your creation, with each other.
We celebrate the amazing uniqueness and differences of all
              beings that live together on this wondrous planet.

O God, it is because you gave us hearts for honoring life
               that we pause at this time of challenge and promise before and during
               the days of General Conference in Portland, Oregon,
               to be still and listen;
               to each others’ stories of fear, hurt and hope;
               to your call to justice and love;
               to your Spirit of Compassion within.

(Period of silence)

May we learn to love and not to judge all others in the human
               family, regardless of any differences that have ever divided
               us, your people, one from another, in ways that have caused
               pain at the very least, and worse in the extreme.

May we learn to live and to love every one in the human
              family, in all our beauty and diversity, in faith that
              every one is your creation, beloved to you.

May we hold each other in compassion, gentleness and courage as we
               discern your creative, life-giving ways toward understanding and union,
               so that all people, all beings can thrive and share in the wonder and
               beauty of our communal life on this exquisite blue marble of a planet.

In the way of Jesus, we pray, amen.