Videos Annual Conference 2019


Watch and download videos helpful to members or shown at the 2019 North Georgia Annual Conference.

Gary Mason: Being One With Each Other

Fresh Expressions: Chopped

What's the right recipe for your community? Fresh Expressions team is ready to start cooking up a great idea with you (and has $500 to get you started)!

Disaster Response

North Georgia United Methodists came on strong in response to the past year's disaster response needs. Learn more in this Annual Conference video report.

Update from Task Force on Undocumented Neighbors

The 2016 North Georgia Annual Conference created a Task Force accountable to the Conference office of Hispanic/Latino Ministries for the purpose of creating a strategy for education on human rights and concerns related to our undocumented members and neighbors. The Task Force offers the following video update:

Georgia UM Commission on Higher Education

This vibrant United Methodist ministry in Georgia is poised to help address the challenge of the rising rate of depression, anxiety, and mental health issues in young adults. 

Lay Servant Ministries in North Georgia

Lay Servant Ministries is a leadership development program in The United Methodist Church focused on equipping and empowering lay people in the areas of leading, caring, and communicating. Learn about Lay Servant Ministries in North Georgia in this video.

Pastoral Care Program of Wesley Woods: 2019 Special Offering

Bishop Sue named the Pastoral Care Program of Wesley Woods as the recipient of the 2019 North Georgia Annual Conference Special Offering. Gifts are still coming in!