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Webinars and Training Resources


The North Georgia Conference offers the following videos and presentations for easy-to-access training.

2021/2022 Training Videos

SPR/PPR Training


Archived Training Videos:

Discipleship Pathways

Watch this two-part training on Hitting Our Stride

1: Rev. Debby Fox teaches about intentional discipleship pathways

2: Russell Davis teaches about intentional discipleship pathways

(Recorded 2019)


District Work Fund Payment Instructions for the Local Church with Bruce Cooper

Video: Local Church District Work Fund Payments
(Recorded 2019)

Five Short Finance Training Topics with Keith Cox
(Recorded 2017)

Note: Open or print support materials at the link in parentheses below. Find additional resources at www.ngumc.org/administration

1: Introducing the Church Financial Checklist (Download Checklist Here

2: Contractor or Employee? (View Support Material Here

3: Financial Controls (Download Local Church Audit Guide Here)

4: Annual Audits (Download Local Church Audit Guide Here)

5: Statistical Year End Reporting (View End of Year Reference Materials Here)


Local Church Finance Training with Keith Cox
(Recorded 2017)

Conference Treasurer Keith Cox shares resources and answer to common church finance questions in this 20 minute training video. Download his information packet at www.ngumc.org/administration. 

SPR/PPR Committee

Appointment Making Process
(Recorded 2017-2018)

Bishop Sue shares about the appointment-making process.


Children Belong in Worship
October 2015

Children's Director DeDe Riley and Rev. Jimmy Hood led a webinar, "Children Belong in Worship," for children's ministers, worship leaders and clergy. Get ideas and insights from this session and share with others in your church!

Be a Great Small Group Leader
October 2015

Rev. Shannon Karafanda shares advice for Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, small group facilitators, youth directors, and even mission team leaders in "Be a Great Small Group Leader." Get ideas, best practices and insights from this 30 minute webinar.