Wk. 10

Sept 5-11 

Central West   
Carrollton First & Victory UMC

Rev. Larry Patton
Rev. Jake Webster

Central North
Calvary UMC

Rev. Kevvin Hankins 


Central East 
Cannon  UMC

Rev. Timothy Emmett
Rev. Heather Jallad
Continued prayers for me as I transition yet again into a new context. 
I am praying for a fresh abiding and peace IN Christ that changes the atmosphere around me. 
For our youngest daughter, Sierra to find herself first and foremost in Christ as she begins her second year of college. 
For our oldest, Ariana, to find her own peace in a very tumultuous reality.
For my husband, Marten, to continue to grow in his own relationship with God and flourish in his work. 

Central South
Columbia Drive UMC

Rev. Ralph Thompson
I request prayers for the continued health of my family and congregation.
Also, continued wisdom to lead God's people in our current context. Turbulent times require plugged-in leadership, so pray that God would continue to send the right people to the right places to help with the work of God's kingdom!  
Thank you and Prayerforce!


North West 
Center Valley UMC

Rev. Josh Anderson

Chatsworth First UMC
Rev. Graham Arp

North East 
Clemons Chapel UMC
Rev. Rich Griffith

Cleveland UMC
Rev. Jamie Hudgins

South East 
Bowman Circuit: Bowman and Stinchcomb UMCs

Rev. Tim Savelle


South West 
Cornerstone UMC

Rev. Brian Germano
Thank you so much....  As a Pastor in a new appointment back in July, I would ask for several things: 
1) Healing for my current congregation from the wounds caused by the loss of nearly 50% of its membership, attendance and giving following the COVID pandemic 
2) Wisdom and discernment about how best to lead my new congregation into a Vision from God
3) Personally, I ask for pray for my wife in her job as a teacher - for her to feel a sense of being valued as a teacher in her new school
Thank you to you and to the entire PrayerForce ministry for the time you take to lift up these concerns for churches and pastors around the Conference each and every week!


County Line UMC
Rev. Katie Mattox