Wk. 12

Sept 4 - 10 

Campton UMC

Rev. Tracy Sever
Thank you for your prayers.....
Please pray for the church to become the church is calling her to be
pray that members are touched in such a way that encourages active and regular worship attendance.
unspoken concerns
thank you,
Tracy Sever

Collins Memorial UMC
Rev. Sheila Crowe
I have three special needs children.  In Nov of last year their father, my husband, died.  This has been extremely hard on them.  His birthday would have been Sept. 17.  They are really feeling the stress, strain and anxiety about the day.  Please remember them.  Prayers for the church - their heart would be turned to evangelism and bringing others to Christ.  Blessings, Sheila Crowe


Crossroads UMC
Rev. Zack Martin
Thank you so much! Of course so many things to think about.  But here's the item that occupies my mind.  I need at least 5 leaders who will help me develop a clearer vision for Crossroads UMC's next 5 years.  I appreciate your ministry!


Glenn Memorial UMC

Rev. Alice Rogers
Thank you so much, Leah.  Prayers are always appreciated!  Please pray that Glenn Memorial will be a strong witness to the community and an intentional place for building disciples.  Peace and grace, Alice
Rev. Susan Pinson
Rev. Brent Huckaby
Rev. Blair Setnor
If you could pray for the health of my immediate family that would be wonderful.  We've all been sick with the stomach flu and my littlest has a double ear infection.  Thank you!  Blair 

Fair Oaks UMC
Rev. Michael Myers

Ebenezer UMC, Cumming

Rev. Bill Campbell

Grovetown UMC
Rev. Sandy Heslop
This is wonderful news.  I always look so forward to being prayed for by the PrayerForce and the timing is awesome.  First, please offer praise to our Heavenly Father for the blessings he pours out upon me, my family, and my congregation.  Also, I request prayers for the following:
For my husband to continue to have strength and stamina to work grueling hours demanded by his job.
For me as I prepare for Charge Conference on Sept. 17th, and for the beginning of the second year of our church's ministry, Learning for Life at GUMC, which begins on Sept. 10th.  This ministry resulted from a vision I received at Pastors School in 2015 and is keeping our congregation in awe as we see God work as he promised.  I will need strength and stamina to meet time deadlines as many other things are happening during this time.  
For my congregation as they jump right in and take on added responsibilities to minister to those who come to Learning for Life.  
For the many seriously ill folks in my congregation:  especially for Rosa, Patt, Loretta, Frank, Jewel, Annie, Susan, and Paul
Thank you so much for all you do.  For  me, your prayers are more precious than rubies.  Many Blessings, Sandy Heslop

Harlem UMC

Rev. John Moore, Sr. Pastor
Rev. Mary Edith Kirkland

Coosa UMC
Rev. Roy Watkins

Cornelia UMC
Rev. Johnny Ray

England Chapel UMC

Rev. Donald Fry

Emory Chapel UMC
Rev. Richard Campbell

Faith Creek/Mt Carmel Charge  
Rev Vaidas Krasauskas

Chatsworth UMC

Rev.  Tamlyn Collins
Thank you so much.  Please pray for the youth and children's ministry at CFUMC as well as the young couples ministry.  We are beginning a new program on September 24th, so your timing is perfect. Blessings, Tamlyn Collins

Douglasville FIrst UMC

Rev. Brett DeHart
Thank you. Douglasville First UMC: Completing building renovations, Searching for a youth director, Re-launching kid ministry, Preschool starts classes Sept 6. 
Rev. Shari Rates, Assoc 
Rev. Heather Jallad, Assoc
Thank you Leah!  Our oldest daughter just started college at Young Harris and we are all still adjusting. Please pray that Ariana finds "her people"and connects with some students there and really enjoys herself. 
Pray for my husband and the nonprofit he works with to be successful in finding a home base that will be beneficial for their mission.
Pray for my daughter Sierra that just started high school to continue to make good decisions and be a positive role model and leader.
Pray for me to do a better job at self care, to take my days off to rest, to find ways to ask for support when I need it.
For the church, to take discipleship seriously, to work as if working for the Lord, to rely on God and expect great things!
Thank you so much!

Flint Hill UMC
Rev. Steve Griggers

Floyd Springs UMC
Rev.Patrick Hopper