Wk. 16

Oct 17-23 

 Central West   
Dallas FIrst UMC
Rev. Blake Trent

Central North
Connections at Metropolitan

Rev. Sherry Austin
It is our request for the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
We are still standing strong in the face of our recent tradgedy. Yet there is so much more.
The traumatic loss of the previous pastor, the appointment of another pastor not new to this congregation, the merging of two churches who have not quite united, and being in a building that does not accomodate the age of our current membership to list a few. 
Please pray for our whole process of new development and that we all may hear what the Lord is saying to us for our future.

Central East
Hamilton Mill UMC

Ref. Wendy Jones
wendy.jones@ngumc.net We are moving next week - so please pray for it to go smoothly. And pray specifically for the two teenages living in our house. That they will make connections and find community and friends in our new neighborhood and church please. 
Rev. Jason Mincey
Thanks so much, Leah. We would appreciate prayers for our daughter Mackenzie as she begins a new job next week.
Rev. Mark Locke
Rev. Natalee Dukes Hamby


Central South 
Dunwoody UMC

Rev. Phil Schroeder
Thanks for lifting up my wife, Elizabeth's Dad's health struggles.
​Rev. Garrett Wallace
Rev. Kathryn Brockman
Thank you so much! I always appreciate knowing that you all are praying for us. Would you please pray for the Methodist church overall and all the divisions? Please pray for Dunwoody UMC to faithfully follow God's direction as we move forward in our community. 
Personally, I would ask for prayers for my two sons who live far away from Atlanta.
Rev. Calissa Dauterman
Rev. David Melton


North West 
Farmville UMC
John Shivers, Supply


North East 
Cumming UMC

Rev. Matt Stewart
Thank you for your prayers for me, my family, the staff of Cumming First UMC, and all the ministries of CFUMC. This is much coveted and appreciated.
Rev. Kelly Claudon
Rev. Kathie Stasko
Rev. Benjamin Mayfield

Dahlonega UMC

Rev. Steve Schofield


South East 
Dunn's Chapel UMC
Rev. Jennifer Cheely 


South West 
Freeman Memorial UMC
Rev. Jimmy Hearn


From Dr. Richard A. Hunter
Associate Director: The Center for Congregational Excellence

I am requesting that the North Georgia Conference Prayer Force lift up the Better Together Conference this weekend, October 21-22. Please pray for God's blessings and guidance for the speakers, the planning team and our CCE staff. Pray for the 77 attendees and over 40 churches represented. Pray that these church leaders will receive a vision for how their faith communities can join together with other churches for missional impact. 

Many of our churches are discouraged or anxious right now about their futures as a viable and effective disciple-making congregation. Pray for divine guidance & empowerment, and for mutual encouragement among the body of Christ as laity and clergy come together from churches of all sizes seeking a new vision and renewed mission together in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Leah and the North Georgia Prayer Force,