Wk. 31

Jan 30 - Feb 5 

Central West   
Mt Nebo UMC
Rev. Glenn Petero
One of our members has been in the hospital for almost 3 months, and is recovering from an infected heart valve that had him on a trach for several weeks.  He is only 57, but took quite a beating, and is currently fighting infection. We have been "prayer pests" asking God to heal him.

Central North
Jonesboro First UMC

Rev. Valerie Loner

Laster Chapel UMC
Rev. SamTownsend


Central East
Princeton UMC

Rev. Gary Lawrence

Prospect UMC Lawrenceville
Rev. Edward Keen

Central South
Mt Carmel UMC, Hampton 

Rev. Dee Dee Lawson

Mt Pleasant UMC
Rev. Leah Cunningham
YAY!  It is my/our turn!  Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.  Please pray with us as we try to keep our middle schoolers involved at the Mobile Home Park where we do kids' ministry during the week.  We have some ideas being tossed around but need Divine direction and we need some additional workers for the harvest to keep these young teens and tweens engaged.   

North West 
Mt Gilead UMC, Woodstock
Rev. Kirk Bozeman

North East 
Loudsville UMC
Rev. Montey Cantrell

Lula UMC
Rev. Craig Murray
Leah, thank you! Please pray that God's will for me and my church in Lula be known.

South East 
Martinez UMC

Rev. Johnny Ray

Marvin UMC
Rev. Ben Wills
Please pray for our son as he is beginning daycare and having trouble adjusting, for my wife as she begins job hunting as an RN, and for the churches I serve as we seek God's vision in the new year ahead.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

Mesena UMC
Rev. Melissa Reynolds

South West 
Lovejoy Memorial UMC

Rev. Sid Chapman