Feb 22 - 28 


Central West   
New Covenant UMC

Rev. Tim Constien
Please pray for the congregations continued good health. Pray for our leadership meeting being held on 2-20.

New Hope UMC, Bowdon
Rev. Brett McLaughlin


Central North
Mt. Pisgah UMC

Rev. Steven Wood
Rev. Jorge Henao
Rev. Mark Danzey
Rev. Jason Zemke
My wife Kay and I have our daughter at Berry College.  We continue to pray for her and the school that they would remain Covid free.  Prayers for our church as we continue to find ways to stay connected in person and online.  Thanks

Rev. Heather Jallad
Our oldest daughter, Ariana is getting married in October. Please lift the preparations for the marriage in prayer and that she and her fiancée Zach find a new church home. 
Out younger daughter Sierra is a high school senior awaiting college acceptances and scholarship awards. Please lift this whole process praying for discernment in the decisions to be made and where God wants her. 
Marten and I would appreciate prayer as we look to buy a house somewhere in proximity to his workplace but ultimately in a neighborhood where we can firm some deep and meaningful relationships. Thank you!

Mt Zion UMC, Atlanta
Rev. Joshua McDaniel

Central East
Social Circle UMC

Rev. Kathy Morris
Mom is bedridden on hospice with Alzheimer’s.  

Rev. Carolyn Poling

St James UMC

Rev. Bill Curington
Leah, The MAJOR thing we need prayer for now at St. James is for a new Children's director.  We've searched high & low the past few months & still can't locate one.  There are a couple of possibilities we can explore but we are feverishly praying for Jesus to send us the right one we need & for discernment so that we can clearly recognize His choice.  Thanks for your prayers!


Central South
New Wardell UMC

Rev. Joe Perry

Northwoods UMC
Rev. Winston Worrell

North West 
Mt Zion UMC, Chatsworth

Rev. Josh Anderson

Nellie Peters UMC
Rev. Marvin Batcher

North East 
MIdway UMC, Alpharetta

Rev. Jennifer Andone
Lenten season at Midway-Alpharetta 
Herzen and Hillside UMC
Son Dylan who started a new job and moved out of state--for good friends, positive work environment and a Christian influence on his life. Son Dakin and DIL Sage, who teaches elementary school in Hapeville.
FIL in Florida Hernando who is recently widowed. BIL in Florida Jason (wife: Hazmin) who is under treatment for ALS (late 50s) and currently stranded in TX where they had traveled for treatment. 
That I would be a more faithful disciple and a good Christian leader of congregation and manager of my staff.
Vision for Midway post-Covid.
Prayer for my staff team and their continued health.
Protection of those worshiping in person at Midway.
Lay Leadership at Midway. 
Physical energy to meet the demands of ministry in a healthy way.

Rev. Brad Biggerstaff

Midway UMC, Gillsville
Rev. Michael Richardson

South East 
Norwood Charge-Johnson, Prospect  and Norwood UMCs

Rev. Jessica Blackwood

OIglethorpe Circuit - Burts and Glade UMCs
Rev. Anne Hansen

South West 
Mountville Circuit - Big Springs and Mountville UMCs
David Ahearn, supply

Mt Gilead UMC
Rev. Griff Jones