March 20 - 26  

Central West   
Poseyville UMC

Rev Francisco Artley

Powder Springs First  UMC
Rev. Sheila Crowe-Hinchee

Central North
Owl Rock UMC

Rev. Bert Gary

Paces Ferry UMC
Rev. Don Richards

Central East
Temple UMC,  Arnoldsville
Rev. Derrick Lemons

The Fountain at Forsyth  and Sugarloaf
Rev. Andy Lett

Central South
Redan UMC
Rev. Kevin Days
Pray for our daughter, Jenna Scott and her family. Jenna has cancer and the chemo is the strongest she's had to have. Six years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Since then,  she's had several surgeries and chemo. Pray for healing please. ???? Thank you!

Richard's Chapel UMC
 Rev. Sandra Stroud-Pennington

North West 
Plainville UMC
John Shivers, supply 

Pleasant Grove UMC, Dalton
Rev. Chris Mullis
Thank you!  I always appreciate the prayers.  Please pray for our church as we navigate the curent climate of the UMC.
Please pray for my brother Nelson as he undergoes chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. 
Please pray for my wife as she completes a trial to see if she has a gluten alergy. Please pray for me as I seek God's vision and direction for my ministry.

North East  
New LIberty UMC 
Rev. Teresa Lilja 

New Salem UMC, Commerce
Rev. Mike Campbell

Oakwood UMC
Rev. Emmie Niethammer
Thank you for this email.  Please be in prayer this week as I prepare to meet with the dCOM on Tuesday at 10 am. Pray for me as well as the members of that board.  Also, please pray for the cabinet and the NE District Superintendent as they continue to discern appointments for the coming year. 

South East 
Salem UMC, Thomson
Rev. Jim Miller

Shiloh UMC Thomson
Rev. Shirley Suarez

South West  
Pomona UMC
Rev. Russell Nuss
My wife is still recovering from the physiological affects of Covid from Aug 2021. She has to therapy to make improvements in walking. Please for healing. 
I am finishing up COS class. 
Easter Sermon Prep. 
D-com March 30
Getting ready for Annual Conference. 
I am about to enter 6 weeks of training for my 9-5 job as well.

Prospect Mansfield
Rev. Bob Wooten