April 4-10

Central East
Trinity UMC, Duluth

Rev. Titus Constantine

Central North
Rico UMC

Rev. Jim Moore

Riverdale First UMC
Rev. Philip Armstrong
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for the ministry, intent and spiritual power of PrayerForce. Dear Lord, they are praying to strengthen our ability to reach those who are lost, and to strengthen through discipleship those who are saved.   

Dear Lord, I pray for every soul in PrayerForce. Please continue to encourage them and I pray that they are encouraged as they see some of the Fruit of their efforts.     

Lord, this is a season of change in the UMC. I pray that UMC ministers and leaders will return to their first love, because it is through Agape Love that all of us will focus on You and our work, and not place matters of theology and administration above the vital work of Your calling.  

Lord, I pray that we focus on Kingdom work, and let You sort out what’s theologically right and wrong when You Return. 

Until You Return, or we perish, I pray that we will pray fervently for one another, each Church, each member, each visitor, each precious soul that we can reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May you hear our inner most hearts desire, and fulfill the desires in us sent by Your Holy Spirit. 

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.   

Pastor Phillip M Armstrong

Central South
Sewell UMC
Larry Clayton, supply

Rockland UMC & Shiloh UMC
Rev. Mike Wadley 
I am praying for wisdom, God's guidance, and time management. Simply praying God lights my path for my churches.

Central West   
Shiloh UMC Kennesaw

Rev. Nathan Ballew
Thank you! We'd love your prayers. Personally, you may pray for my seminary coursework. Finals are quickly approaching! For Shiloh, be praying for our Discipleship Groups and the four laity who lead them. These long term Discipleship Groups are modeled after John Wesley's classes, and we have already seen the Holy Spirit working powerfully through them.

Smyrna First UMC

Rev. Derek Porter
Rev. Bruce Griffith
Rev. Chaloea Hale
Rev. Kathryn Davis

North East 
Pleasant Grove UMC, Dahlonega
Rev. Christian Van

Pleasant Hill  UMC. Gillsville
Rev. Keith Jones

Providence UMC, Lavonia
Rev. Richard Huycke

North West 
Shady Grove UMC
Rev. Wendy Owens

Shannon UMC
Rev. Ken Freshour

Silver Creek & Jackson Chapel
Michael Holt

South East 
St John UMC

Rev. Matthew Nelson
Please pray for our marriage and family. 
Please pray for ministry next steps.  
Wholeness, wisdom, and healing

St Luke UMC

Rev. Scott Parrish
I'm supposed to be taking vacation from my 3 jobs next week as it's spring break/ Masters Week around Augusta. But this means we plant a garden & do farm chores! There will still be some church work though as it's busy season at this point in Lent. Prayers for time off, getting some rest while working, & doing 1 thing at a time instead of trying to juggle too much are appreciated. Of course, a tornado or natural disaster in Georgia during this time throws out all the plans. 

South West
Senoia UMC
Rev. Ashley Jenkins

Shady Dale Circuit - Calvary, Godfrey, Hillsboro & New Hope
David Williams, supply

Smith Chapel UMC
Rev. Yolanda Jones Colton